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Khomas Regional Council
6688 Pullmann Street
Opposite Rhino Park

PO Box 3379, Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 292-4444
Fax: 061 – 220 317


Division of Rural Services Division of Rural Services


  • ?Implement rural development programme
  • ?Develop and implement management plan for rural services
  • ?Managing and coordinating rural development services
  • ?Monitor and evaluate rural programme
  • ?Identify developmental need for rural communities
  • ?Foster rural economic development
  • ?Foster social and employment development
  • ?Improve business and investment climate in the region
  • ?Rural finance and value chain development
  • ?Improve land tenure and rural land management
  • ?Farming as a business
  • ?Functional literacy and basic technical skill
  • ?Reduce unemployment through short term rural employment opportunities
  • ?Empowerment of the marginalise and vulnerable


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