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Khomas Regional Council
6688 Pullmann Street
Opposite Rhino Park

PO Box 3379, Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 292-4444
Fax: 061 – 220 317


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Current Procurement List

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Executive Summary of Evaluation Report: W/ONB/KRC-1/2018

Procurement and Construction of Sixty Seven (67) dry pit toilets in Windhoek Rural Constituency

15 February 2019   W/ONB

Executive Summary of Evaluation Report: NCS/ONB/KRC-DOEAC-1/2018

Provision of (21) vehicles Full Maintanance Lease for the period of thirty six (36) month to the Directorate of Education, Khomas Region


15 February 2019   NCS/ONB


Executive Summary of Bid Evaluation Report: W/RB/KRC/DOEAC-02/2018/19

Completion of the construction of hall and special classroom at Bagbreek School

 08 February 2018                              W/RB/KRC/DOEAC                


 Expression of Interest for Leasing of Parkfoods Shopping complex                                         5 March 2019 ParkFoods


Notice for Rejection of Bids                                     SC/ONB/KRCR-02/2018


Notice for Cancellation Bids Construction of Classrooms                           Construction of Classroom-Khomas Region


Notice of Selection of Awards Construction of one Module ABL2 W/ONB/KRC-DOAEC-8/2018


Notice of selection of Award, Supply and delivery of cleaning Material G/ONB/KRC-2/2018


Notice of selection of Award,Supply and Delivery of Stationaries G/ONB/KRC-1/2018


Notice of Selection of Award, pumbing out of Septic Tanks and Removal of Household refuse in Khomas region NCS/ONB?KRC-DWM-1/2018


Notice Of Selection of Award,Delivery and Installation Of 40 Urban Toilet in Moses Garoeb,Tobias Hainyeko,Samora Machel and Khomasdal Constituencies. W/RB/KRC-02/2018